Amare – Anie Darling, Ricky (SexArt / 2017)

Andrej Lupin’s lust fueled “Amare” gets off to a wet start with super hot Czech cutie Anie Darling luxuriating in a hot tub. When her lover Ricky shows up with a bottle of bubbly, their eye contact and body language indicate they’re very much into each other – and moments after their first sip they demonstrate it. Petite brunette Anie raises her body out of the water so they can kiss deeply, before she puts her mouth to even sexier use on studly Ricky’s stiff cock. She eagerly fellates the full length of his shaft, sucking extensively on his cockhead, pausing only to look up into his eyes, seeking approval. Anie lowers herself onto Ricky’s lap, feeding his huge rod into her pussy and bucking vigorously. She grinds harder and harder, her ass slapping noisily against Ricky’s six-pack. As she approaches orgasm, Ricky slides her off his dick and motions for her to straddle him. The very second his cock re-enters her dripping pussy she starts howling with satisfaction; he holds her ass cheeks and slams her on and off his shaft relentlessly. Ricky sits Anie on the side of the tub, legs spread, and eats her pussy voraciously, his mouth clamped onto her plump labia and his tongue drilling like a hummingbird seeking nectar. He stands, stretches the freckled sweetie’s legs even wider and slips his cock inside her honeypot to the hilt. This time there’s no let up as he jackhammers like his life depends on it. With Anie still impaled on his shaft, he lifts her out of the tub, screws her to orgasm and unleashes his load deep inside her. Breathless, they lock lips and kiss with a passion reserved for true lovers, very appropriately as “Amare” is the Italian translation of ‘to love.’

Rates : 7

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