Ebony office babe hot for coworker – Luna Corazon, Max Dyor (2017)

Ebony beauty Luna Corazon is used to turning heads at the office with her skin tight skirts and sky high heels. But handsome co-worker Max Dyor never seems to notice her. Baffled by his lack of interest, Luna decides to make a play for his attention. But all her cute attempts to catch his fancy seem to fail. Well, until she makes a sexy photocopy of her tits in lingerie! When Max catches sight of Luna’s lacy bosom, he sees his foxy college with fresh eyes. Clearing his desk with a dramatic sweep of hand, the horny Euros now have a perfect place to enact their dirtiest work fantasies! Moaning and cumming through their X-rated tryst, Luna rides Max’s thick cock in Cowgirl until he jizzes a creamy cumshot all over her mocha pussy!

Rates : 4

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