Frantic – Vinna Reed, Kristof Cale (FrolicMe / 2016)

I often think the unexpected when it happens can be far sexier to watch. I wasn’t going to give too much away with the beginning of this erotic frantic fuck film, my lovely, respectable looking couple with their fully clothed casual image will not prepare you for the intensity you will later see. So yes, you may be slightly fooled, but this is one extremely hot and intensely passionate scene that will leave you wanting more, so much more. Straight away you will notice in this frantic fuck film there is no music. Something some may feel distracts from the moment, others of you will feel music can add a lot of mood and style to each individual scene. But in this case, the only noise is of our two lovers immediately thrust against the wall and completely engaged in each other. Hands moving swiftly over faces, down bodies and from the…

Rates : 4

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